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Saturday, Sept. 28, 2019

AIKEN, S.C. (WRDW/WAGT) — After an online petition took off to make a car on the side of the road an official landmark of Aiken County, we’re learning the car has been sold.

The $2,000 Lincoln Navigator on the side of Jefferson Davis Highway has become a “pivotal landmark and acts almost like a halfway point” for people driving between Augusta and Aiken, the petitioner who started the petition said.

According to the car’s new owner, Redline Septic Service, they made a deal with the owner of the car, Simp’ly Clean Car Care, to leave it there for people to continue to enjoy it.

“They are good people and I hope it continues to bring them business,” Joey Caudle, the owner of Redline Septic Service said.

Caudle says other then the occasional advertisement, they plan to leave the car there for the entire community to enjoy. They also plan to use it in local Christmas parades.

“In today’s world where we are so divided, this car that couldn’t sell brought everyone some humorous common ground! I love all the memes and people stopping to take selfies with it!”

While this move doesn’t make it the official landmark many are hoping for, it’ll keep it right where it belongs, on the side of Jefferson Davis Highway.

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