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Moapa Valley Progress

Logandale businessman Brett Lee has opened a new business. Moapa Valley Septic is fully equipped to handle all septic tank pumping needs. PHOTO BY VERNON ROBISON/Moapa Valley Progress.

It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it! And Logandale resident Brett Lee is up for it.

Lee has opened a new business to do what most people prefer not to think about: pump out septic systems. The new business, called Moapa Valley Septic Service, began operating just last month.

“I know it is not a job that any kid ever says he wants to do when he grows up,” Lee said in a recent interview with the Progress. “But I kind of developed an interest in it over the past few years.”

Lee has operated a window tinting business in town called Mobile Image since he and his wife moved their young family here about 15 years ago. He will continue to operate that business.

But more recently, Lee developed an interest in septic service. This began several years ago when he had to hire some work to be done on his own septic system. Intrigued, he did some research and found that it could be a good business for anarea where most people are on septic systems.
“I decided I’d like to provide another local option for the residents here by providing that service,” Lee said.

Lee began by learning all he could. He took a full training course through the National Association of Wastewater Technicians (NAWT) which brought him up to speed on the latest technology.

He also sought advice and guidance from septic service providers throughout the region, asking about their best practices and about the state of the art equipment they were using. Then he began investing in that equipment and all that was needed to get a start in the business.

In February Lee was ready to start and he rolled out his pump/tanker truck into service for the first time. He decided to call this big white truck “The Load Buster.” A large colorful logo is emblazoned across the sides of its large tank.

Lee’s pumping service includes a technology called agitation. He uses a machine called “The Crust Buster” to agitate the more solid contents of a septic tank before pumping. Creating a slurry, this ensures that there is a minimum of residue left on the bottom of the tank after pumping. This maintains the tank’s capacity over the long term, he said.

In addition, Lee has equipment that can perform a full video inspection of the internals of a septic tank after it has been pumped. This process can be instrumental in diagnosing problems that might be building in the system so that they can be addressed before they become major issues.

“Right now it is just a septic system inspection that I can offer,” Lee said. “But I am in the process of getting a sewer line camera which will inspect the line to the septic as well. So in time, I will be able to utilize that service too.”

Finally, Lee is also offering to upgrade the riser on local septic tanks. Currently many systems in the valley have only a small 4” riser that provides limited access to the tank. But Lee is able to upgrade that to a 24” riser which provides full access to the tank without digging into the customer’s yard to find the tank lid in the future.

“With these, clients will have full access to service the tanks and they will never have to dig up their septic lid again,” Lee said.

Moapa Valley Septic can be reached at 702-848-3987 to make an appointment for service.

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