Septic Tank Pumping Service and Field Line Installation

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BONNERS FERRY — With the COVID-19 virus crisis, there has been a shortage of toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, and more as people stock up and prepare to be quarantined at home.

Many people in Boundary County rely on septic tanks for their waste, and some are taking extra precautions using bleach agents for disinfection purposes throughout their homes. There are several things to consider when flushing things down the toilet, and down the drain, that have had dire consequences for their plumbing and septic tanks.

The experts at Turner Plumbing, a new company in Boundary County, have a few suggestions on what not to do.

“Never flush any flushable wipes including wet wipes,” said Turner Plumbing. “They cause major sewer backups. Also, never flush napkins, paper towels, condoms, or femine hygiene products, as all these items cause even functional sewers to fail.”

They also advise against putting grease down the drain.

“The less grease, the better,” says Turner Plumbing.

For those that use septic tanks, having an abundance of bleach used and poured down the drain kills the healthy bacteria that breaks down the waste, causing the system to not work correctly and potentially causing the owner to have to get their system cleaned more often.

“Without the healthy bacteria, the system doesn’t work naturally and the tank will need to be pumped more often,” said Turner Plumbing.

With everyone staying at home together, following these simple steps will not only save money, but will also allow everyone to be safe, sanitary, and keep their septic systems working at tip top shape. The more mindful the people in our area are, the safer they keep everyone else, including those with jobs that can not be put on hold, such as our plumbers and septic tank workers.