Septic Tank Pumping Service and Field Line Installation

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ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. (WNDU) – The manager of a septic service company tells us they’re getting more emergency calls than normal.

Scott Robertson from ASAP Septic says with people spending more time at home, they’re also using more water which can cause septic tanks to leak into yard or even your house.

Robertson says to only flush waste down the toilet, and nothing else.

He said flushing baby wipes, or other paper products other than toilet paper can cause problems.

“We’ve had a lot more emergency calls because the families are staying at home and over-utilizing their water needs at home,” Robertson said. “Some septics aren’t able to take all the water that they’re generating and it’s overflowing into their yard or back into their house.”

Robertson says it’s important to keep an eye on your septic system so you don’t have an expensive problem during the stay-at-home order.


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