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Town of Wheaton (WQOW) – When disaster strikes a community, members step up to help, whether that’s to provide food, water, or the last thing that may be on your mind, a bathroom.

“We’re third generation and we’ve been around 54 years,” said Tim Myers, co-owner of Myers Septic Service.

The business is in Myers’ blood, but there’s one more requirement every Myers family member must meet: “You’ve got to get by the smell first,” said Myers. “But that’s part of being in the business. Someone’s gotta do it, right?”

Tim has been cleaning and delivering portable toilets for 16 years, his brother, Scott, alongside him.

“My favorite part is, I love the work,” said Myers. “I’ve always been that way, supporting my family. It’s been a good business for us. It’s nice to get out into the community.”

However, nearly two weeks ago, his community took a major blow, as an EF-3 tornado ran rampant through Chippewa County. The tornado missed Myers Septic Service by a short stretch. Myers expressed how he felt: “Pretty nervous, scary. Just by looking out, looking at all this, then you go back and look at ours, boy this could’ve been really bad.”

Those in the tornado’s path weren’t so lucky. So, like he always does, Myers got to work.

“The next morning I came out and went down to the fire station,” said Myers. “I told them that if they need any portable toilets, just give me a holler and I’ll start delivering.”

Myers said he placed about 18 portable toilets near volunteer sites.

“Something tragic like this, I mean, you got to help,” said Myers. “Because they don’t know what to do. What are they going to do? They don’t have a bathroom, no running water, nothing, you know?”

Myers said it’s a good feeling stepping up to help and that it’s been amazing to see everyone coming together in this time of need. In the meantime, not even a tornado could drive Myers away.

“We do have 4th and 5th generation,” said Myers. “Hopefully we will end up going that far.”

Myers Septic Service will continue to donate their portable toilets through November 1.

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