When to have your tank pumped


Septic tanks should be pumped every 3 – 5 years.  Ignoring septic maintenance can result in system failure.


If you are experiencing sewage odor indoors or outdoors you may be having a septic issue.


Toilet and drain clogs are often associated with septic problems.  If your septic system isn’t functioning properly the water has no where to go.


Sewer water over the septic tank or in the yard is a common symptom of septic system failure.   


Some septic systems have audible and/or visible alarms which notify you of malfunction.


When buying or selling a property it is strongly recommended to have the system pumped and inspected.

The standard service includes pumping up to 1000 gallons and up to 1 hour on-site.  Reasonable digging to expose the lids is also included.

Our trucks have at least 150′ of hose.  If we need more – just let us know.  We try to stay off your lawn as much as possible.

Occasionally tanks have things inside that cannot be removed with a pump.  These can be removed at additional charge.  Roots, Baby wipes, Concrete, Dirt, and Debris are examples.

Digging is usually required to expose the tank lids.  We take great care to leave your yard as good as we find it.  We can install risers to reduce the impact on your lawn

When your field lines are not working it is common for a septic system to back up shortly after pumping.  Our team will let you know if there is a field line issue when we pump the tank so we can resolve any problems as quickly as possible.

When the tank backs up it can often cause the main sewer line to clog.  Our drivers can attempt to connect the suction line to your plumbing and remove any clog.  If that doesn’t work we may be able to sewer jet the line – or in some cases you may have to have a plumber clear or repair the line.  Our team will work with you to resolve any issue.

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